Air temperature and humidity are automatically compared for Dew Point temperature to be displayed. Spot surface temperature readings can also be taken to warn of potential condensation problems, misleading moisture readings, or unsuitable conditions for commencing coating applications. 

The Surveyor can establish a datum reading and then select the Comparative function to display readings automatically above or below selected datum, enabling large surface areas to be quickly assessed. A bright traffic light series of LEDs display instant visual information and below this a numerical readout is available for recording specific readings.

Moisture meter

detailed examination of the external underwater area of the hull for osmosis and other types of gel coat blistering, which normally includes removal of sample sections of the anti-fouling paint around the hull. (This is included in Pre-purchase Condition and Insurance surveys).

We use a Sovereign Quantum Marine Survey Meter. This is a state-of-the-art electronic meter which has superseded the previous generation of analogue instruments such as the Tramex Skipper. Specifically designed for marine use, including a calibration check facility, with both Deep and Shallow functions for in depth or near surface moisture detection in GRP, or for measuring moisture content in timber. 

Osmosis Inspections


Independent Marine Surveyors and Consultants