Independent Marine Surveyors and Consultants

Why Choose Us

Why you should instruct Malta Yacht Surveys:


Our reputation for honesty and integrity is most important to us.

We believe in treating all parties fairly, avoiding any conflict of interest. We are not involved in selling boats, equipment, or repair services, nor do we have any financial interest in any organization that does.

We do not give commissions to brokers or repairers to secure work nor do we accept them.

We will not be influenced to inflate a vessel's worth by relationships with brokers. Likewise we will not find fault with a vessel simply to undermine a broker or seller.


With many years of experience both Surveying and at sea as a super yacht Master and Engineer MYS has the ideal combination of skills to understand, report on and solve the varied issues that arise on vessels. This is complemented by a range of relevant academic qualifications, practical training and Continuous Professional Development. 

Our surveys are accepted by all major banks, lenders and insurers.  Many major Underwriters instruct us for damage, loading/unloading and other survey assignments.

We are boat owners like you and active in the local yachting community. Each of us has worked professionally in both power and sailing yachts.


We work only for you, our Principal.

We will not share the results of your survey with any other party, including the broker, lender, or insurer.

Our surveying business is very diverse, and our financial survival does not depend on referrals from brokers.

Our survey report will not be influenced by a desire for future business from the broker, lender, or seller.


Cutting prices means cutting corners. That may be okay if you’re buying a television, but it’s never worth gambling with your safety.

The only way to ensure safe, effective survey inspections is with thoroughness, attention to detail, the most advanced technology and comprehensive reporting.

None of that comes cheap, and we don’t pretend it does. Instead, we make our prices simple, fair and competitive with other leading professionals in the field of yacht and superyacht surveying.

No extras, no hidden charges.